Rising Cost of Owning A Smartphone In Canada – InfoGraphic 2017

Infographic on rising cost of owning a smartphone in Canada and the solution to get rid of it.  You know the feeling, that gut turning moment when you get your cell phone bill in the mail. By the way, not opening it for a week doesn’t make it go away. It still sits on your counter, a juicy chunk out of your bank, really out of your life. Canadians are well travelled, comparing price plans abroad to what we pay here, most of us know its exorbitant. I’ll explain how they’re extortionary! You probably also noticed that buying a new smartphone is getting pricey. These two factors are becoming a serious expense for Canadians, and many are slowly getting blindsided by the upward trend hoping it will get better. I hate to break it to you but after this, you’ll see why its just getting started and prices will continue to rise.

Here’s a graphical illustration as to why Canadians may remain one of the most expensive places in the world to own a smartphone. In fact, it’s a golden age for the big three telecommunication companies with competition being at its lowest point since 2009.

Cellphone Usage Cost in Canada - The rising cost of smartphone usage in Canada
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