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Breath… I know it’s hard seeing your pricey investment in a pile of shards. Lucky for you, Vancouver has a booming iPhone repair scene. Walk in with your broken glass and come out looking brand new!

We’ll give you our non-bias take on the best among the repair stores. Businesses on this list have a proven track record of customer satisfaction, use the best quality parts and offer the best overall customer service. Only the best here folks.

How to use this review

All the repair services listed here are awesome. So, we labeled each service based on where they are in the city to make choosing your repair service a little easier. There is no particular ranking to the list so the decision is up to you.

Who should Use Independent iPhone Repair Services

If you haven’t purchased AppleCare+ then a cracked screen or any other user caused issue should be fixed by an independent repair service. Why? Because Apple will do pretty much the same job, only for two to three times the price, plus in some cases, weeks-long wait times.

Don’t repair your device outside Apple if you’re device is still under warranty. This is sure to void it. Check if you’re still under warranty here.

Unfortunately, with the standard warranty, you still foot the bill for the repair in full. However, this way if you’re device turns up issues later that are not caused by fault of your own, you’re covered.

When it’s not worth Paying for Your iPhone repair

  • Water damaged iPhones that are 3 years or older
  • iPhones that are 5 Years or older
  • Touch Disease – Found on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, when there is no visible damage to the screen but the touch does not respond
  • iPhones 3 years or older with severe body damage

Data Security Concerns

Some companies might leave you anxious about your personal data. The bottom line is these companies listed want your repeat business and have proven this time and again. Here are some tips to help secure your data before your repair.

  • Backup your device to iTunes
  • Restore your device to factory settings
  • If you can’t restore the device opt out of providing your PIN to the repair specialist but be present during the repair to punch it in when the device is being tested after the repair
  • Feel out the vibes of the place. If you don’t feel comfortable, take a walk of confidence to the next spot on our list

The basics covered, here are the stars of the show.

Fast Cell Repair

We can’t talk Cellphone repair in Vancity without mentioning Fast Cell Repair. With five locations, Fast Cell Repair has you covered pretty much anywhere in the city. What I love about these guys is their price. Their pricing is transparent so you know what the damage is (pun intended). You can check out their pricing on their website.

Cell Clinic

These guys know what they’re doing. One thing I rate them for is the professionalism and courtesy of the staff. Stepping in the store, right off the bat, it screams trust and good service. They also offer a trade in services and have tons of accessories so you don’t go breaking your new screen.

Go Mobile Repair – formerly iRevive Mobile

I love this store. First time I walked in I thought ok, this is nice. The repair staff are top notch. As if that wasn’t enough, they offer repairs at your home. Yes, a human being will repair your phone at your location on demand. Sheesh, that’s service if I ever saw it.

Cell Fixx

So, you have a difficult repair. The peeps at Cell Fixx are extraordinary technicians with alien-like skills. They will fix a dead, ran over and water damaged phone fast. Definitely, quality work here and their over 250 google reviews speaks for itself. Give em a call for the latest pricing.


Vancouver Repair at its finest. Ubreakifix has two locations; one in Pemberton Heights just off Marine drive and the second for the southerners at Granville and Broadway. With Stores all across Canada, UbreakiFix knows iPhone repairs like no other. We took a look at the parts they use and, yep it’s the good stuff. They are also the only Google authorized repair service in Canada for the Android users among us.

Yolo Cell Phone Repair

You only live once right! Perfectly nested just off Drake Street, these guys do repairs like a boss. Precision is the name of the game with Yolo, check out these photos taken through their microscope from previous repairs jobs.

Cool, all repaired. It’s a new day! If you’d rather just sell your broken iPhone and buy a new one check out our trade-in prices here.

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