7 Tips to Prolong Your Smartphone Battery Life

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There are 7 tips to prolong your smartphone battery life. The latest smartphone technologies allow for peak performance and lightning speed. With bright screens, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity among other features, comes crazy battery demands. It gets harder to make your phone battery last longer especially if you are an active user. If you suspect that something is wrong with your battery, you may want to consider getting a replacement fast. But if that’s not the case, then look for ways to prolong battery life.

Are you tired of charging your phone battery every night? If using your phone less is not an option, you can still find ways to reduce your smartphone’s power consumption. We’ll share with you some amazing and practical battery-saving tricks that can help you keep your smartphone running for longer.

     Reduce screen brightness

Bright, large and colorful displays usually consume high battery power. In fact, the display on your phone alone can consume more than 20% of your battery life. If your smartphone has an auto brightness feature, make sure you turn it on. This feature ensures that the screen brightness is automatically adjusted when the battery charge goes down. Avoid constantly running your handset’s screen at full brightness.

     Short screen timeout for smartphone battery life

How many seconds does it take for your smartphone’s screen to timeout. Most smartphones have a screen timeout option on the display settings or general settings section. This feature allows your phone to stay lit for a certain duration of time after receiving some form of input. For instance, if you tap on the phone, the light appears and goes out some moments later if the handset remains unused. If you can, set the screen timeout to the shortest available time. Most smartphones have a minimum screen timeout of 15 seconds.

     Make sure Bluetooth is turned off

If you love using Bluetooth, you may realize that at certain times, it’s turned on even if not in use. Make sure you always turn off Bluetooth when it’s not in use. You can add a few minutes or even hours in your handset’s battery life by making this simple change.

     Turn Wi-Fi off

Another way to add extra hours to your phone’s battery life is making sure Wi-Fi is turned off when not in use. Don’t leave the Wi-Fi radio on when you’re busy doing other stuff. Turn it off and back on when you plan to use the network. To simplify the process of turning certain connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off, add a toggle widget on the home screen.

     Avoid the vibration mode

Using vibrate can quickly run out your battery. It’s actually better to select a ringtone for incoming calls because it uses less power. If you don’t want to be disturbed by a ringtone, simply leave your phone in view and then put off notifications so you can see incoming calls. This brings us to our next tip.

     Turn off all notifications

The multiple apps that you have on your phone are designed to come with numerous notifications that light up your screen, cause the background light to blink or display a message, all these processes consume battery power. You don’t have to turn off all notifications. Consider turning off the less important ones and they’ll not only prolong battery life but also eliminate the countess distractions you experience throughout the day.

     Choose power saving features

Almost all smartphone devices are designed with a power saving mode, some call it the battery saving mode. This feature allows your smartphone to make changes that will save its battery life. In power saving mode, apps will stop updating in the background, you may also notice that your screen becomes dim and the screen timeout setting changes. Some phones will turn on power saving mode automatically when the battery level goes to less than 20%. You can change this to 30% so that your phone battery can last much longer when it’s almost dead.

Remember that there are certain apps that are known to be big battery drainers. You can visit the settings section on your pone to check the level of battery consumption each app has. If you notice an app that has too much background activity, make sure to turn its notifications off on the settings section.

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