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Samsung with unlocked padlock

If you’re about to go through with a Samsung trade in then you will want to unlock your Samsung device to get the most value back from your Galaxy Phone.

Maybe you want to switch carriers for a better monthly plan? Either way, use this method to unlock any Samsung phone.

This method became apparent after the S6 release. Samsung started free unlocking for all their devices in the United States and Canada. You heard right! This method is a free Samsung unlock straight from their website.

Now we’re sharing it with the GizmoGrind community so you can save your cash the next time you need to unlock Samsung Phone. 

Let’s get the basics out of the way. This is not a root. It’s a 100% legitimate how to unlock your Samsung Guide. Before we brought this to you all, we made sure to test it out thoroughly to make sure it’s totally safe.

We found it works 9 out of 10 times and when it does not, try again the next day, it should work then. This method provides a free cell unlock code directly from Samsung that will permanently unlock your device from your network provider.

It is so simple that I’m shocked a booming Samsung unlocking industry still exists. So before you hit that “Buy Now” button on eBay for an unlocking service or fork over some cash to your provider, read on and see if this works for you.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone Guide | What It will Unlock and What it Won’t

This method will remove the lock on your Samsung that your carrier added to your phone, usually if you purchased the device with a contract or subsidy.

It will provide you with a network unlock code directly from Samsung for no cost.

Once you unlock your phone you can then use your device with other cellular providers removing the restrictions they may have placed on your device.

This Network unlock method does not unlock any of the following security features or third party security apps:

  • FRP (Factory Lock Protection) or Google Account Lock after an improper reset
  • Knox or Samsung Security Lock
  • Find My Mobile App
  • MDM lock or corporate managed devices

What Providers and Models will this work for?

Carriers that are compatible with this free unlock:

  • Metro
  • Telus
  • Bell
  • Rogers
  • Koodo
  • Cricket
  • Dish Wireless
  • Boost Mobile
  • Ting Mobile
  • U.S Cellular
  • T-Mobile
  • Sprint
  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • Chatr
  • Freedom Mobile

Compatible Samsung Smartphone Models

We tested the following models successfully:

  • Galaxy S3
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy S5 & S5 Neo
  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S7 Edge Plus
  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S8+
  • Galaxy S10
  • Galaxy S10+
  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Galaxy A10
  • Galaxy A10E

Step 1 – Get your IMEI Number

Rule of thumb, do not use the IMEI on the back of the device, instead, go to your phone’s dial pad and type the following *#06#

You’ll need to know this number for step 3 below so keep the screen on or bring it back up once you start the chat.

Step 2 – Start a Live Chat with Samsung

Head over to Samsung’s Contact Page and click the first option “Live Chat.” Some regions may just show a chat window, start the chat.

Samsung Live Chat to get samsung phone unlocked in Canada for free

Step 3 – What to Say in the Chat (Important)

You’ll need to tell the rep that you purchased the device from the Samsung website. Don’t worry if you didn’t it should work anyway and as of the date of this post they’re giving unlock codes out like candies at a fare. Just follow this script:

You: I purchased my device on Samsung’s website, and I want an unlock code

Samsung Rep: Ok please give me the following details. IMEI, Carrier it’s locked to (e.g. Rogers, Bell, etc.), Model of your mobile device and email address.


Email: (your email address)

Model: S6 (or whatever your model is)

Carrier: Rogers (your current cell phone provider)

Samsung Rep: One moment, please

Samsung Rep: Here is your unlock code: XXX-XXXX use it to unlock your Samsung Galaxy

Bingo! 5 minutes max and you’re free of your provider. Best of all you didn’t pay a cent. Hold on there’s one more step below. If you haven’t experienced it yet, the first time you get a free unlock code setting you free of your provider’s grip feels like angels singing.

Step 4 – Unlock it

Now that you have your code, you need to bring up the lock screen. It’s a little popup window that allows you to input the code and we’re off to the races from there.

There are two methods to bring up the lock status screen. However, we recommend one method simply because, well it’s simple.

For this method, you’ll need a SIM card from another provider.

*Important before starting. Be very careful to make sure you put in the code correctly before submitting it. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again making sure you double check the code that you typed in is what Samsung gave you. If it doesn’t work a second time, I DO NOT recommend having a third go. It will brick your phone after ten tries. You can unbrick it, but it’s another hassle altogether.

Now, with your SIM card in hand, power off your phone and install it.

Power your phone on, let it boot up, and there is your unlock window:

Put your code in, submit and you are done. Your Samsung Galaxy device is unlocked, cheers!

The great thing is you didn’t need a gimmicky “Bell unlock code generator” or download any shady software.

Update: Canadian Carriers will unlock your device directly since the new CRTC Law passed. Although the only carrier that will do so with no account requirement is Telus. So this has come in handy for many of our users who are with the other carriers.

160 thoughts on “How to Unlock Samsung Phone Guide | 100% Free Code”


          I just acquired a used Samsung SGH-C270 in Ghana but it requires me to provide a Network lock before I can use it. Please I need a help.
          My name is Mohammed from Ghana.

            1. That’s new. Try calling your carrier where you purchased the device directly. Ask them if you’re device is eligible for unlock.

          1. Also worked for me. I just asked “for an unlock code for my locked Samsung S6” , didn’t need to say that it was bought from the website.

          2. This was great advice. Samsung Chat in Canada responded immediately though it was 7:30 on a Saturday and I didn’t even have to tell them I bought it through them. My girlfriend had been given a locked S6 Edge and Rogers gave us the unlock code for free, however the agent misread one of the digits to us causing the phone to lock and require a Master Unlock Code. Rogers stated we would have to send the phone to them for unlocking since it said that.

            The chat agent at Samsung was able to immediately provide us the Master Unlock Code and, along with the corrected code we received from Rogers, we were able to successfully unlock the phone, absolutely free. Canada has a law requiring all carriers to provide the unlock codes for free but no requirement apparently to provide the master code if you screw up. Thanks again for providing this info!

                1. Hey Matt, Yes the Galaxy A51 is a model we’ve tested and it should work just fine. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.

                  1. AHMED, I am having a problem unlocking a Galaxy NOTE 5. I tried your method and am unable to get the Network unlock from Sprint. Any help?

                    1. Hey Rendy, The merger with Sprint and T-Mobile might have something to do with that. I would give T-Mobile a call and get see if they can unlock it.

                    2. do you have the network code for A51 they are now asking where is the phone register if its US they forward request to USA tech support

                      1. I have a TracFone Samsung a10e when I put the new SIM card in it won’t bring up a lock screen to enter the number it just says no Network sim card and then goes on to just boot the phone up it’s through Straight Talk can I unlock it the same way if so how do I bring up the screen where I enter the unlock number

                        1. It could be two things. 1) it may be unlocked already: Try inserting the new SIM card then calling your carrier and asking them to provide the APN settings 2) It may have incompatible antenna bands with the new SIM card: Call your carrier and ask them if your device is compatible with their network. Hope this helps 🙂

                      2. I’ve been looking for months and this was so simple and it worked. What a waste of time. I should’ve just found this long ago SMH. It does work trust me

                      3. hi will this work for uk bought phones too because my mother just retired here in philippines and brought her friends phone here? i’m originally from UK and living in philippines but the phone is bought in uk and locked to vodafone uk

                        1. Hi! It should, however, if the Canadian Samsung site does not work, I recommend trying the UK Samsung site. Let us know how it works 🙂

                            1. For US-based carriers finding the unlock code online on eBay is cheap and fast 🙂 Type in “Verizon Samsung unlock code.” make sure you use a well rated seller and read their instructions carefully before purchasing.

                          1. I have samsung s 7 . Someone asked me $15 to unlock. I found this website and followed steps. 1st time it does not worked and I recontacted to Customer Support and they gave me MCK number along with unlock code and it worked. Whoever built this site and shared information , it helped me and thank you very much .

                          2. I switched providers on my Galaxy S6 phone, but with the new sim card was confronted with a ” input master unlock code ” in order to activate the new sim. I called the old provider and was given a number ( which turned out to be the Network Unlock Code , which differs from the Master unlock code ) which did not work .
                            Tried this a few times, no luck. I called Samsung and was given a different number as the Master Unlock code, that did not work as well. The rep suggested something was wrong with the phone and I should take it into a repair shop.
                            Then, I came across this gizmogrind post and decided to try Samsung live chat. The rep gave me a MUC which was different from the one given by the other rep ( do they generate MUC’s on the spot as needed?), I tried it, it did not work.
                            He verified the Network unlock code given me from my previous provider . he sent these instructions…
                            1. Insert the SIM card to be used, then the Windows comes out,” SIM network unlock PIN when different carrier SIM”

                            2. Enter the key ******* in MCK code(Note: Only one time chance so do not make a mistake)

                            3. Unsuccessful message comes out, “Network unlock request unsuccessful”

                            4. Enter key ******* in NCK code right after step 3

                            5. Successful message comes out, “Network unlock successful”.

                            This didn’t work, then he told me to turn off the wifi, turn off phone, insert new sim, turn on phone, then input the MUC and when it says UNSUCCESSFUL immediately input the Network unlock code.
                            It flashed that it was successful, then went ‘dead’ a few seconds, then started up with all the dormant messages etc that had accumulated.
                            It worked!
                            Neither the previous provider ( Virgin Mobile) nor the first Samsung rep knew to input MUC first followed by NUC.
                            As for these businesses selling NUC and MUC, you don’t have to pay for these anymore under law in Canada, but for the NUC certain terms of your contract have to be fulfilled before it will be provided, as far as I know….
                            Good luck to all with similar situations. Twas a desperate situation partially resolved by gizmogrind and an astute Samsung rep Kevin..

                            1. This worked for me. chat was very responsive. I only mentioned that I wanted the unlock code for my S6. Thank you for this great article. I got it all done live on-line while I was still on hold waiting for my locked phones’ former service provider tech support to answer.

                            2. This worked perfectly. Samsung Support did ask where I bought the phone. I told them I the truth, that I bought the phone from Virgin Mobile Canada and now I am switching to another carrier. They asked for the IMEI code and then they gave me the unlock code. Simple 🙂

                            3. Just confirming, this is presently still working. Even though it states you are required to have your bill of sale for unlocks on the chat window, they will still provide you with the code providing you follow the above steps. Thanks for the information!!!!!!!

                            4. I am wondering if the Samsung site would be able to unlock my Verizon Locked Galaxy J1 J100VPP to use it with BellMTS in Manitoba. Can anyone give me a suggestion or help me out. My Verizon Locked phone uses a SIM card and I want to use it with My BellMTS Wireless SIM Card in Manitoba

                                1. I did follow the instruction above but unfortunately not working for me, the supporter told me to contact T-Mobile. No luck. I’m trying to unlock my T-Mobile Samsung S7 Edge.

                                      1. Is there a different way to do step 1 because I have a samsung galaxy tablet and tablets do not come with a phone or a dial pad

                                        1. Yes. Go to settings>Scroll down to About>depending on your android version, your IMEI might be in Status or it may be on the about page if you scroll around 🙂

                                      2. “There are two methods to bring up the lock status screen. However, we recommend one method simply because, well it’s simple.”

                                        Ok, but with is the OTHER method ? My Galaxy S6 / Rogers doesn’t seem to detect the SIM, so doesn’t prompt for the unlock code.

                                        So, what is the other method to trigger the unlock prompt?

                                        1. Hey Jeremy,

                                          For you Samsung S6, try opening up the phone app and in the dialer, type this code in: #7465625*638*#

                                          Then put in the code you received. Hope it works 🙂

                                        1. If it doesn’t work the first time I usually recommend trying a second or third time. Sometimes it’s just the agent you get. If it still doesn’t work please let us know so we can edit our post 🙂

                                      3. March 2020 just tried this today. They never asked where i bought the phone they just went ahead and sent me the code right away. If this doesn’t work for you the first time try again. Your success is dependant on the agent you speak to.

                                        Thank you so much for this article! I just spent $40 on multiple different unlocking websites to get a code and every time after i submitted my payment I got an email saying they were unable to unlock my device at this time due to staffing issues because of CORVID-19 with no mention of a refund.

                                        This trick was my last attempt before quitting in frustration. From start to finish it took me 12 minutes to have a working phone. Super impressed 🙂

                                      4. Woah, after spending too much time reading about software and unlock sites, this was the best option. Took 10 minutes. Didn’t ask for bill.

                                        1. Most Canadian and American carriers currently sell smartphones unlocked by default. This is thanks to new laws passed in both countries. If your device is purchased in another country and is locked, try the above instructions to see to unlock it.

                                        1. It’s some sort of code you type into the phone dialer. Our team can’t seem to remember how that’s done 🙁 It may actually be a method only for older Samsungs.

                                        1. Did not happen that easy the representative from Samsung insisted I contact the carrier and did not furnish me the unlock code even tho I followed ur instructions to the letter

                                          1. I’m sorry it didn’t work out. Sometimes an agent may refuse to provide the code, but this unlock method is still alive and working. Give it another shot and let us know what happens 🙂

                                        2. I purchased my Samsung S7 at a Police auction in New Zea Will this work not knowing the carrier involved, if any, or the previous owners email address and password?

                                          1. I can’t speak to any legalities of this particular scenario. That being said, it should work without any previous owner details given the device is not reported lost or stolen. If reported lost or stolen also know as being blacklisted, that’s a different case altogether and does require the previous owner un-blacklisting it before the device can be used again.

                                            1. Hello Ahmed. Thanks for the initiative.
                                              I too tried with my Samsung Galaxy A10e and the agent was a sweet heart except that “model was not registered in their Canadian database” and I still have to contact Sprint but I’m in africa and bought it off a stranded holiday returnee. Any other suggestions,please?

                                              1. I’d try the same again with the US site. If that doesn’t work the last resort is paying for a software unlocking service, however, this will root your phone. Someone who knows how to do it can do it remotely, but will probably ask to connect to your PC. It’s not the most secure thing in the world so please keep that in mind.

                                            2. I have tried this now twice and no luck.
                                              This is what the chat rep said:

                                              By default the device is AT&T carrier version.

                                              Due to copyright infringement laws, mobile service providers are the only authorized representative to provide unlocking assistance. The service provider can verify proper ownership and protect our customer’s identity as well as existing service contracts.

                                              Usually Network unlocling can only be done by carrier services as they are purely handled by carrier. Samsung doesn’t have any access to provide the network unlocking.

                                              I would like to inform you that, to use new carrier on the phone, we need to unlock it from original carrier.

                                              Have you tried contacting the carrier to get it unlocked from original carrier?

                                              1. We are also getting some hit-or-miss success with AT&T devices. In any event, you can actually call AT&T and they should unlock it no problem 🙂

                                              2. This is mostly how they are responding to me as well. I think there may be a difference between a “phone lock” and a “carrier lock”. If it’s a carrier lock, Samsung may defer to the carrier because of some business agreement they have. (You scratch my back… )

                                                  1. Hi, any recently purchased device will have to wait up t 3 months before its eligible for an unlock. You can then call Boost Mobile directly and they’ll give you the code.

                                                    1. I’ve tried with three Samsung live chat agents so far today, but so far I get their story

                                                      “Yes, I can see the device is locked with AT&T carrier. We apologize for any inconvenience. Due to FCC Policy, mobile service providers or carriers are the only ones authorized to provide a SIM Pin or Unlock Code.”

                                                      So it seems many (all?) are being directed internally to support the carriers’ strategy. Unless it IS in fact FCC policy now.

                                                      1. Yep. When the rep asks what carrier, tell them T-Mobile. If that doesnt work, try Metro PCS. Once unlocked the A21 is compatible with Cricket’s network.

                                                    2. will this work for a zfold3 on att in North America? it has a clean imei report but is Carrier locked due to balance. I received pushback from att stating I had to have att do it due to fcc reg etc etc. However oh, they also created a ticket for me and sent me packaging to send my phone in… When I called to ask about what the process was or why they needed it in person oh, no one could tell me and the representative just told me that it was a mistake and to disregard. Have you heard this one yet?

                                                      1. Hi Andy,

                                                        Definitely no need to ship your device to Samsung or ATT for a simple unlock. As for the balance, this will be a roadblock to getting your device unlocked but this is only the case for the first 2-3 months after purchase, at which point balance or not you can call ATT and ask for an unlock code and it should be no problem even with an existing balance.

                                                    3. I purchased an unlocked A10e but was told by a Mint Mobile rep that my phone “locked itself” (which they say is common when adding a SIM card). In settings, SIM card status says: Network: EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY, Mobile network state: Disconnected. The Phone number: Unknown (Mint Mobile hass assigned a phone #. So, the phone does not work. However, since I purchased it factory unlocked in the USA, I don’t know what company I should use as the original network. I need it to be unlocked again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

                                                      1. Mint Mobile works a little different than other carriers but you should be able to unlock it by doing the following:
                                                        1) factory reset the device
                                                        2) When being asked what carrier, try T-Mobile
                                                        3) With your new carrier, make sure to call them for instructions on updating the device “APN Settings”
                                                        Hope this helps 🙂

                                                    4. Unfortunately it did not work for me. I contacted chat support who told me it was locked to AT&T network and wrote a ticket number and had me call live support. Since it was not locked to AT&T I thought it actually might work and when I called and told the representative what I was told via chat support and that I had contacted AT&T directly since the phone was purchased through Samsung and was informed by AT&T that it was not locked to their network and they recommended I contact Samsung sure again for the network unlock code I was told that they could not provide an unlock code regardless and the only option was a complete phone reset and possibly software reset. If it was going to work in any case it would have been this one but unfortunately it didn’t. Good luck to everyone else though

                                                      1. Hi Tracy, really sorry it didn’t work for you. It may be an older model or the device may in fact be unlocked. Sometimes a device seems locked but is really just either a CDMA or GSM device and will not work with the new carrier for lack of the correct antenna hardware rather than being locked.

                                                    5. FYI — Not working any longer. I get “I sincerely would love this to be addressed right now. However, this process can only be handled by the carrier currently associated with the phone regardless of where this was purchased.”

                                                    6. I have a Samsung Galaxy A02s that is locked with AT@T. I paid for an unlock code but it didn’t give me an option to. It says unlocked failed. It says I had to contact at&t. Is there any other way to unlock the phone

                                                      1. If you know anyone who has an account at ATT, have them give ATT a call, tell them to ask for an unlock code for a phone they previously used with ATT, and they’ll ask for the phone’s IMEI. This should be a free process and the call center will usually provide the unlock code right over the phone.

                                                      1. Yep, it should work, I don’t believe the UK is still locking devices but I’d check with your carrier. Also if it’s temporary most carriers will have a “travel unlock” that’s temporary.

                                                    7. It does not work on the Samsung Galaxy AO2. My phone says Network lock. I followed the steps precisely and did not work at all for me!! Called Straight Talk and Trac Phone and both said need 12 months of active service before giving unlock code or I can pay a fee of $114.00, to get the code. Ridiculous!!

                                                      1. To pull up the screen where you are asked to enter the unlock code, you need to put a SIM card that’s from another provider. If you don’t see an unlock screen then your device may already be unlocked.

                                                      1. Try contacting your carrier directly, you may be able to get a free code there. If that doesn’t work, we recommend for a paid unlock code. Hope this helped 🙂

                                                    8. I have a phone that I received from cintex wireless in the US, it’s a government free phone plan. I haven’t been able to get it unlocked yet. Could someone please tell me where to go or what to do. Thanks Michael

                                                      1. Hey,

                                                        If the above method (in the post) did not work. Try the other option of purchasing a code from third-party providers.

                                                    9. Please someone help me out. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus that I fulfilled my contract for & paid for it in full. It is locked to xfinity and I have been trying to get the NUC for a month now. They keep telling me they will email it to me but they never do. I tried chatting with Samsung but they referred me back to carrier then created a ticket number for me. Does anyone have the code I need or have an option where I am able to get code at no charge or b.s.? I am on limited budget and just trying to use this old phone for my Qlink phone

                                                    10. Didn’t work ,Samung person on the other end of the chat instructed me to contact Sprint& sent me a copy of a legal document stating , “FCC law ,etc.

                                                      1. They may be on to us 🙂 Some still are having success but I think this article drove a flood of folks their way and they may be changing policy.

                                                      1. Newer devices like the S21 series should be unlocked by default. If not, we recommend calling your carrier to find out if they can unlock it for you for free 🙂

                                                    11. I tried with the ao3s and they said I need to contact the service provider for the code does anyone know the code to unlock the network from boost mobile for the Samsung a03s

                                                    12. Good morning sir I have a Samsung s8 plus with model number SM-G955F sent to me by my sis from UK.
                                                      But it region locked and won’t accept my new Sim tried every means still no luck.
                                                      Can I be able to unluck it because I don’t know the carrier service it lock to.
                                                      It was sent to me as a birthday gift I can’t use it for anything but movie and music.

                                                      1. -Try contacting the original UK carrier and ask them for an unlock code
                                                        -Try the live chat method above
                                                        -consider acquiring a paid code from

                                                      1. A google locked S21 will require you to sign in first in order to remove the lock and get access to the device. From there, since its an S21, it should not require an unlock code.

                                                      1. This model from Tracfone may be unlocked by default. If not, your carrier may require you to have an active line on the device for 3 months at which point you could just call the carrier to get it unlocked. The unlock method in this post is for older devices. Hope this helps 🙂

                                                    13. Hi Ahmed. So, there are phones on Ebay that say that they are financed blacklisted due to non-payment. Some are unlocked and still blacklisted. Is not paying for the phone completely and an unpaid bill the end? Can anything be done with them? Thank you for your help. I just wanted to be crystal clear.

                                                      1. Hey Holly,

                                                        TLDR; don’t buy a blacklisted device with hopes of getting it removed from the blacklist database so that you can use it. In most cases, items sold as blacklisted are considered “For Parts use”

                                                        That being said, there are ways to remove it but it can be pricey and is not guaranteed to work. It’s a mish-mash of different prices and reliability of blacklist removal services depending on the carrier and how it got blacklisted. For example. There are blacklisted Verizon phones, but the actual blacklist was submitted by an insurance company rather than the carrier. Not worth taking the risk.

                                                      1. If you don’t see a popup window asking for an unlock code when you put in a new sim card, then your device may already be unlocked. The next step would be to contact your provider and ask them to help you update your “APN settings” 🙂

                                                    14. Did not work at all. I was told that samsung doesn’t deal with network unlock codes and never has. That I need to contact my service provider.

                                                    15. Dear Ahmed,
                                                      my phone (samsung J700T) is locked to Tmobile. I have tried different ways but i was not able to unlock it. the support team is not replying and i am stuck. please let me know if there is anything i can do to unlock my phone. Thank you in advance.

                                                      1. If the chat does not work, as it has been more finicky judging by commentators, we recommend They are a well priced and easy to use site to get most devices unlocked and we’ve been using them for years. Hope this helps 🙂

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