Convert Your Broken Phone To Cash

Recycle cell phone for cash Canada

Have you ever thought of converting the stash of mobile phones and tablets in your home into cash? Do you have an old or broken phone that you want to discard and get a new one? We’ll show you a smarter alternative to getting rid of your broken mobile phone- selling it.

Most people will discard their old electronic devices without thinking about it. With the rate at which new technologies are being introduced into the market, you’ll always find yourself with an old mobile phone or tablet that has no use.

Put the devices away

Gather any old, broken or cracked mobile phones or other electronics that you don’t need cluttering your home anymore. You can only dispose them responsibly and get some good money by selling them. The amount of money you get when you decide to sell your broken phone will depend on several factors such as:

–          The condition of the phone

–          How old is the device?

–          Does it have premium features?

–          How popular is the device? iPhones and Samsung phones usually have a high demand even when broken or cracked.

–          What color is the device? Popular colors such as black can sell faster and for more

–          Will you sell the device directly to a buyer or broker?

Should you get rid of the phone?

After using a phone for several months, it may start to act up or stop functioning altogether. Get rid of the broken or non-working phone for instant cash by looking for local recycling companies who offer this service. Whether it has a cracked screen, excessive scratches, faulty buttons, a broken or missing battery, the cost of repairs can be too high and it only makes sense to get a new device.

The good thing is, you can still get some cash for a device that has failed in one way or another. Don’t simply assume that the phone is now worthless because of a broken microphone, missing battery or corrupt operating system. Regardless of the condition of the phone, you can still get some cash for it.

Provide an honest description

When looking for a place to give your phone for cash, you’ll often be told to describe the condition of the device. You need to highlight issues such as a broken screen, excess scratches, faulty keys or the fact that it doesn’t power up. If you fail to provide an accurate description, the price that was quoted for the phone will be altered after you send the phone and they realize it has extensive damage.

Know what is not accepted

Not all mobile phones that are damaged or broken will be accepted for sale. For instance, if the phone is stolen or blacklisted, it’s impossible to sell it at a genuine recycling store for cash. Other issues such as water damage, twisted or snapped devices and a SIM that is glued on will also make it hard to sell the phone. If the device is not genuine, it may never be accepted so don’t expect to get money for it.

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  1. Worthy blog!! Yes, it’s important to mention the damages to the phone. When the phone is damaged, sometimes we are not able to get the cause and just think to sell it. My phone was completely damaged; I was not able to get the solution to sell my phone. I found it very useful to get more cash for my damaged phone.

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