Sell Broken Phone In Canada

Broken iPhone

Want to sell your broken or old mobile phones? If you have multiple handsets that you no longer need and cannot be used, it’s wise to sell them for cash. Most people sell broken phones in Canada not just for the cash but also to ensure that the toxic batteries and handsets don’t end up in the landfills. The phone might not be in perfect condition but it can be restored and given a new life.

How much is the broken phone worth?

The price of your broken phone will depend on several factors. For a start, the condition of the phone will determine how much you’ll get when selling it. The other factor that greatly affects the price is the make or model of the phone. Apple and Samsung phones generally cost more even when they get spoilt. There are models that have a better resale value than others. High-end smartphones even though broken, can sell well because they’re made of quality parts and components.

Expect your phone’s worth to be much lower if it has:

–          Extensive wear and tear in form of scratches and dents or chips on the edges

–          A broken or cracked screen

–          A faulty battery

–          An old model which cannot upload a recent software from the manufacturer

–          Software issues

Cases when you can’t sell your broken phone

Did you know that your broken phone may be unsellable? Yes, there are a number of instances that you may try to sell your broken phone in Canada but no one would be willing to buy it. For a start, if you cannot prove ownership of the phone, it may be assumed that it’s a stolen device and any quality recycler or retailer who buys old phones wouldn’t want to be associated with such.

Most credible businesses don’t want to continue the cycle of stolen phones. That’s why strict measures are put in place to ensure anyone selling a phone can verify true ownership.

Other than that, your broken phone may be harder to sell if it’s blacklisted, twisted or snapped or has a SIM or memory card that is glued in. If the device is not genuine, it can be very difficult to find a suitable buyer. Make sure you give an honest description of the phone when selling it. For instance, if it has been water damaged, state this when getting a quote to avoid unwelcome surprises.

What to do before selling your broken phone for cash

When you decide that you’ll be selling your broken phone for cash, start by backing up all your data. Remember, you don’t want to lose your personal stuff like pictures, phone numbers and music. After backing up your important data, you can delete the hard drive and sell the device.

If there are security apps such as “Find my phone” that you had registered for, you can deactivate them when you want to sell the phone. Otherwise, whoever buys your phone may have trouble activating any security app if it’s already registered. Just visit the app settings and switch the feature off.

Ensure that no one who gets your device in future can access your data. You can do this by erasing all content and settings or resetting your device. Most devices have a reset button on the general settings section. Ensure you remove your SIM card and memory card if any, before selling the device.

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