Is Smartphone Insurance Worth Buying?

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You don’t know when you will drop your phone. Or do you have an idea? Sadly, as much as you may try to protect your phone, the unexpected can happen anytime, and in a matter of seconds, it is heavily damaged. Even when you wish you are lucky; it may turn out that is when your expensive phone is badly damaged.

If your smartphone insurance is not insured, you will be limited to either fixing the phone or dropping more dollars to own a new one. Considering the cost of new devices like iPhone X and Galaxy S9+, it is better to fix a damaged phone than splashing out some cash for another one. But again, it is still expensive to repair a broken phone

For example, according to AGiRepair, if you repair the power button, you can spend over $90 to fix it. That is a lot of money for just a power button. If you decide to settle for a top-of-the-line device, be ready to splash between $840 – $1,149.  If you’re not prepared to drop that kind of cash (in most cases, you won’t), you may end up staying without a phone for a couple of days. See what it costs to fix common smartphone problems.

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Considering the above figures, insuring your phone may seem a good idea and especially when premiums rates are as low as $7 to $36 per month. But wait, have you contemplated the idea of paying a deductible for every claim you file? Have you pondered the possibility of your insurer getting you a refurb or old phone? What about thinking about the hassle of going without a phone for days? All these might convince you that it is not worth it to buy insurance for your smartphone. In fact, sometimes a warranty claim may be a lot better.

Reasons why smartphone insurance is so important

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Still not convinced whether you need smartphone insurance? Here are some reasons why it is worth it.

Replacements are costly

Deductibles have in most cases pissed off some people, but they are actually lower than the cost of a new phone. So, don’t let them stop you from insuring your device. Unless you are ready to drop more dollars for a new phone, then you are better off with an insurance cover.

A good case doesn’t cover everything

While investing in a good cover is a good idea, it won’t protect your phone from getting stolen, malfunctions, and water damages. So, to make sure your phone is fully covered. It makes sense to buy a reliable cover.

It is easier to file a claim

Today, filing a claim is a breeze. For example, Asurion allows you to file claims online via your phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What a better experience do you really want?

Outside repairs are risky

It is obvious you need to follow the right procedures to fix your phone. If you don’t and something happens, the manufacturer will be off the hook, and you will have to foot the bill. An insurance cover does make sure your device is repaired in the right way.

Peace of mind is grand

You don’t get car insurance because you know you will be involved in an accident. By buying it, you feel more relaxed and secure when driving. It the same thing when it comes to phone insurance. By having it, you use your phone more comfortably plus you have access to more features such as automatic backup and virus protection at a pocket-friendly price.

What phone insurance covers?

While phone insurance coverage differs, there are common things covered by the basic protection plan. You can access more features by upgrading to a premium plan:

  • Accidental damage: refers to unintentional incidents that break your device or its content. For example, when your phone slips from your hand and tumbles. 
  • Water damage or liquid damage: Water and other liquid damages are common. Just make sure this is part of your plan.
  • Theft: you can’t tell when your phone will be stolen, and if that happens, you be happy you had insured it against theft. 

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