Is your iPhone Glitching? When to Replace it

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A glitchy iPhone is a massive headache for anyone to deal with.

These days, we rely on our smartphones for pretty much everything. It’s there to help you communicate with loved ones, stay up-to-date with work tasks, and so much more. Studies tell us that we pick our smartphones up around 52 times each day.

Unfortunately, just like any other tech, iPhones can occasionally have problems. A glitching iPhone might fail to load your screen as quickly as it should, or you might discover that the brightness sometimes shoots up and down for no reason.

If you’re sick of asking “why is my iPhone glitching?” then you might have already begun to shop for a new device – one without all the problems. Sometimes, replacing a glitching phone is the best thing you can do to get your life back to normalcy. However, don’t be too hasty.

Today, we’re going to guide you through some of the most common problems that people have with iPhones. If you learn how to deal with the iPhone screen glitch, or what you need to do to optimize your device’s speed, you may be able to hold onto it for a little longer.

Why is my iPhone Glitching? Common Problems

The first thing you need to know is that there are various different kinds of tech problems that can affect your iPhone. Some are more serious than others. For instance, if you break your iPhone screen and the internals stop working, then there’s not much you can do but sell it.

However, if the problem is just a glitching iPhone screen or a problem with your charger, you may have a few more options. Here are some of the most common glitches, and how you can fix them.

Glitching iPhone Issue #1: Charging problems

One of the most common problems with a glitching iPhone is that the device isn’t taking charge anymore. The problem here could be a number of things. For instance, just like a headphone jack, the charging port could be filled with dirt. Cleaning the ports carefully and trying the charger again could be all you need.

A Person cleaning iphone charging port

Alternatively, it may be that your charging cable or cube is no longer functioning well. Wall chargers can easily break – particularly the ones that come directly from Apple. Make sure that you can’t charge your phone with an alternative product before you give up and start looking for a new battery.

You might even discover that the problem is a glitch with your iPhone’s firmware. Restarting your iPhone is a quick and easy way to resolve this and many other minor issues.

Glitching iPhone Issue #2: Water damage

iPhone glitching out? No matter what the marketing information might say, your smartphone isn’t as waterproof as you might think. In fact, no iPhone is waterproof, only water-resistant. You do get some protection from things like rain and splashes with your device, but we wouldn’t recommend putting the waterproofing to the test beyond this.

If you’ve made the mistake of dropping your phone in the toilet (it happens), then make sure you turn your phone off and put it somewhere that it can dry out. If you have something like dry rice or silica gel packets, these are great for pulling unwanted moisture away from your phone.

Water Damaged iPhone on a white surface

Do not look at or use your phone for at least 24 hours while it is drying out. The more you fiddle with your phone, the more likely you are to cause additional damage. If drying your phone out doesn’t work, then you might consider taking your phone to Apple and asking for help.

You may be able to get a repair from the Apple Store, but you will have to pay for it, as the company doesn’t cover water damage on its warranty.

Glitching iPhone Issue #3: Connectivity issues

Most phones connect to the internet these days, either through Wi-Fi or something called LTE. Wi-Fi problems can be a common issue with some iPhones –  particularly the iPhone 8. If you’re struggling to link to your connection and you don’t know why, try restarting your phone to connect again.

If the problem continues, reset your iPhone’s network settings. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network settings. You should be able to reset your Wi-Fi networks and passwords from here, along with any VPN, cell, and APN settings too. Remember also to double-check your software to make sure that everything is up-to-date.

Check to make sure you can connect to WiFi using another device, the problem might not be with your device at all. Try troubleshooting your router – just in case.

Highlighted iPhone Airplane Mode Icon Screenshot from an iPhone

If it’s LTE that’s the problem, then you can try toggling airplane mode on and off, this resets your connectivity and might give your phone the boost it needs. Alternatively, restart your phone entirely, or reset the cell settings through Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network settings.

Glitching iPhone Issue #4: Unexpected restarts/ screen freeze

iPhone screen glitch issues are some of the most common problems that today’s users face. If you notice a screen freeze or an unexpected restart, you might find that the problems continue to occur almost constantly – one after another. The good news is that the problem might not be as serious as it seems. Your glitching phone could just have an issue with the logic board.

If you’ve got an iPhone 8 – then you’re particularly likely to have an issue with the logic board. In fact, Apple discovered a defect with the phones sold between September 2017 and March 2018 in various countries. The easiest solution to this problem is to visit the Apple website. If you have an eligible serial number on your iPhone, Apple will either repair or replace it for free.

iPhone 8 Logic Board Replacement Program Information

If your screen is turning on and off (and it’s not a problem with the logic board), try charging it fully to make sure that it has all the power it needs, then restart the phone. This will help to refresh everything. Closing down any apps running in the background will also lower your chances of a sudden reset caused by glitchy software.

Searching “Why is my iPhone screen glitching?” on Google will also take you to Apple forums where you can find more common issues to do with the model of iPhone you have. Sometimes, you’ll need to hard reset your phone or upgrade to a new version of the firmware to fix the problem.

Glitching iPhone Issue #5: Quick draining battery

It’s very common for someone with a glitching iPhone screen to complain about battery problems. The Apple brand hasn’t always had the best reputation for battery life in the first place, but sometimes your device’s power can drain a lot faster than it should. If that’s the case for you, start by checking what’s actually running on the back-end of your phone.

Running certain apps and games will drain your phone more quickly, particularly if they’re running non-stop. Having animated screens and backgrounds also diminishes battery life. If you don’t think the problem is something to do with the underlying tech on your iPhone, try checking out the guidance that Apple offers here.

Battery Life Maximizing Information

If just optimizing your battery life doesn’t work, try factory resetting your entire phone. We recommend backing up all of your files before you do this. A factory reset will wipe everything, and you won’t be able to get anything back if you don’t have it saved to the iCloud or an alternative space.

If your battery issues continue after a hard reset, there’s a possibility that the problem with your glitching phone is internal. If that’s the case, the only thing you can do is speak to the Apple team and see whether they can replace your battery for you.

If your battery is swelling or appears to be getting bigger, then this is a sign of a pretty serious problem – much more of an issue than a little bit of quick drain. A swollen battery could burst and cause serious damage, so you need to get the problem addressed as quickly as possible. Stop using your phone immediately and get help from an Apple professional.

Glitching iPhone Issue #6: Crackling sound

Sometimes a glitching phone has nothing to do with the screen and everything to do with the way that your device sounds. If you’ve encountered this problem during a call, then you might have experienced some sort of crackling or discomfort when you’re listening to a person or having a video call.

The problem could be with your Apple software, so consider checking your settings to see whether there’s an update available. Plug your device in and make sure that you’re connected to Wi-Fi –you don’t want to use your phone connectivity to download a software update.

iPhone Software Update Option Highlighted in Settings

Go into Settings > General and tap on Software Update. When you’re ready to update, click install, and enter your passcode if prompted. If updating the software doesn’t address the issue, then it’s time to go and visit the team at Apple again for a bit of hardware checking. There may be a problem with the earpiece.

A good way to check whether there’s a problem with the actual earpiece is to use your Bluetooth headphones to make a call instead. If the sound still has the same crackle, then the firmware is probably the issue. If you don’t notice sound problems, then the earpiece might be to blame.

Glitching iPhone Issue #7: Unresponsive Screen

Another common problem is an unresponsive screen. Since the world made the switch to touchscreens, there are few things worse than discovering that you can’t tap or swipe the way you need to when accessing apps and tools.

Apple Forum posts frequently complain about unresponsive screens with the iPhone 8. However, this issue can affect virtually any iPhone.

Comment from a person talking about iPhone 8 frozen home screen

There are a few ways to solve the problem, such as:

  • Holding down the sleep/wake button and powering off: Turn your phone off by pressing the power button, and back on again. This will hopefully reset any firmware that’s not working
  • Remove your screen protector (then add a new one): There might be a problem with your screen protector that’s preventing your phone from detecting your fingers properly.
  • Backup and wipe your phone: If a soft reset and removing your screen protector doesn’t work, then the best option is to opt for a hard reset. Remember to backup any files you want to keep so you don’t lose them.

Still feel like you’re constantly mashing your fingers against your phone to get a reaction. Then go and see an Apple repair technician.

Glitching iPhone Issue #8: Overheating

Ever notice that your phone gets hotter the more you use it? It’s pretty common for an iPhone to overheat when you’re using it excessively. The more you do with your phone, the more power it needs to produce, and a natural byproduct of that is heat. However, if your phone is constantly red-hot, then you’re going to need to make some changes.

Start by checking that you don’t have too many apps running in the background of your glitching phone. From the home screen on your iPhone, press the home button twice and swipe left or right to see your apps. You can also go to the Settings > General > Background to see your apps.

iPhone screen showing a procedure to Close Apps on iPhone X, XR, XS, and 11

If you’ve got a massive number of apps running at once, switch some of them off – they’re going to be draining your power and heating up your phone.

You can also consider giving your phone a break for a bit. Put it down and read a book instead for a while. Move it into a shaded position and take off the case, as that might be adding to the problem. Your case protects your phone, but it also doesn’t allow heat to dissipate very well.

If you notice that your phone is glitching mostly when you run a specific app, try uninstalling that app or game, then restarting your device.

When Should You Sell a Glitching Phone?

As you can see from the suggestions above, a glitching iPhone isn’t necessarily a reason to sell. There are some issues that you can fix on your own with a little ingenuity. You don’t even need to sell your iPhone if you’ve forgotten the passcode. There are many ways to reset your security code and get back into your files.

So, when is it time to give up and just cut your losses?

Well, that depends a lot on you. An iPhone isn’t exactly a cheap product. This is something that you’ve probably invested a lot of time and money into. If you don’t have a lot of cash aside for a new phone, then you’re going to struggle to get rid of your existing device.

The good news is that if your iPhone is beyond saving – it may still have some value. Fortune studies show that iPhones hold their value better than virtually any other device. If your iPhone screen glitch is only minimal, or the problem isn’t enough to stop someone using the phone, you may still be able to sell it. Just make sure that you’re honest about the condition when you’re selling on an online site or Facebook marketplace.

If your device is totally useless, you could potentially still get a little money by recycling it through a solution like EcoATM, but don’t expect much of a return.

ecoATM use instructions

The top reasons to consider selling your glitching iPhone include:

  • You can’t find a solution to the glitch, and it’s affecting the way you use your phone
  • Your glitching iPhone might be dangerous – such as when a battery is expanding
  • The glitch on your iPhone has gotten so bad that you can’t use it anymore

Alternatively, you might just decide to sell your iPhone because there’s a new model coming out. The average iPhone model drops 25% in value when a new option emerges on the market. If you’re keen to buy a brand-new iPhone, a glitching device could be just the excuse you need.

What to Do Before Getting Rid of an iPhone

Before you give up and ditch your iPhone, make sure that you try some of the suggestions we covered above. There’s a good chance that you can fix some of the most common glitches with your device. Even if you want to sell your phone and get a newer version, it’s worth trying to fix any issues it might have first. This will results in a far greater return when it’s time to sell it.

When all else fails, back your data from your iPhone up into the cloud or another computer, then perform a factory reset. This means going into the Settings section of the phone then General, then Reset. You’ll need to confirm that you want to completely set your phone back to the condition it was in when it left the factory.

Sometimes, factory resetting your phone will get rid of any apps or software problems that were causing your glitching phone in the first place. If that happens, you can decide whether you want to put your data back on the phone or not. If you go ahead and sell the device anyway, the factory settings reset ensures that your buyer won’t get access to your data.

Before you sell your phone, we’d also recommend checking your warranty.

Apple doesn’t cover customers for all kinds of iPhone damage and issues, but it does have one of the better customer service strategies around. Recently, the company launched a new replacement program for iPhone X phones with touch-related issues, including the touchscreen responding intermittently to touch, and operating when it’s not touched.

The only caveat here is that if your iPhone X’s screen is damaged or cracked, Apple probably won’t address the issue before you get the screen fixed.

To check what kind of support you can get, go to this page and enter the serial number for your phone. You can usually find this on the back, underneath the Apple logo. Or you can go into Settings > General > About on your device.

Screenshot from apple website showing service and support coverage

If you have warranty coverage, take your iPhone to a local Genius bar, and see what they can do. They might be able to fix any problems you’re having free of charge. If there’s a problem that’s not covered by warranty, they’ll give you the price for a repair. You don’t have to take the repair if it’s too expensive for you but be careful if you decide to take the device to a third-party.

There are many good third-party repair shops out there, but you can’t trust every business you find.

Don’t Live with a Glitching iPhone

If you’re constantly searching for things like “my phone is glitching”, and “glitching iPhone screen” online, you know how annoying it can be. While the iPhone is an incredible product – it’s not perfect. Like any device, it can suffer from errors and malfunctions from time to time.

The good news is that if you have a glitching phone, you do still have choices. There are various steps you can take to fix your iPhone on your own. We’ve mentioned a number of those options above. You could also get help from an Apple team at your local store if you think the problem requires a more professional touch.

Depending on the nature of the glitching, you might even be eligible for a free repair.

However, if fixing your device isn’t an option, at least you have the reassurance of knowing you can sell your glitchy iPhone. It’s money towards a new device, with (hopefully) fewer issues.

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