How Do I Transfer Contacts Via Bluetooth?

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It is pretty straightforward to transfer contacts Via Bluetooth, and if you wish to do so, we advise the following steps for the best experience.

Turn Bluetooth on for both devices. Make sure the other device is set to be visible to all devices. 

Click the Scan button to see the list of available devices. If you did set the other device to be visible, it will appear on the list. Hit its name to pair with it. 

A Bluetooth pairing prompt screen will appear. Click the ok to pair. To ensure pairing is complete, confirm the request on the other device as well. You should see the name of the other device in the list of paired devices (in the settings > Bluetooth) if the pairing is successful. 

Now, do the following to transfer your contacts:

On the home screen, hit the Contacts Icon 

Select the 3 dots (Menu) in the right corner and click share. Please note that these steps may vary depending on the device you have and android version it is running on. 

For example, if you have a Samsung phone running on KitKat, press and hold the contact for the menu to appear instead of tapping the Menu button. Additionally, on the Contact menu, you click the Import/ Export option then “Share name card via” option for the list of contacts to appear.   

Select the contacts you would like to share, or tap the Select All button

After selecting the contacts to transfer, click Share.

Hit Bluetooth then select the paired device. Files will transfer automatically.

A prompt will display on the phone if the contact was transferred successfully.

Using a third-party application

Sometimes for one reason or the other, it may not be possible to transfer your contact using the built-in programs. At the time, it is ok to use third-party applications like “BluetoothFileTransfer“.

Bluetooth File Transfer

To use this application, do the following:

  • Download, install and run it.
  • Once you run it, you will see a list of folders; in this window, click “Options” to open the menu.
  • Click “More”.
  • Press “Send contacts”.
  • Here is a list of groups. Open the desired group and select the needed people.
  • Decide whether you want to send data separately or in one file.
  • In the list of devices, tap Options and Search devices to find available devices.
  • Select the name of the device, to which you will send the data.

Transfer Contacts Via Bluetooth From iPhone to Android 


Here is how to transfer contacts from your iPhone to an android phone via Bluetooth:

  • First make sure you are registered in the iCloud, a service from Apple that allows synchronization between devices.
  • If you have the iCloud account, go to Contacts > Select All and then hold the gear icon that is located on the bottom left. 
  • Tap Export vCard. This will allow receiving all the addresses in a single file
  • The next step is to transfer these data as a normal file through Bluetooth. 
  • Open the phonebook on the smartphone that received the file.
  • Tap Option and choose “Import/Export and select where your file is stored. For example, if importing from internal storage, select “Import from internal storage.”
  • Select the phone

It is that easier to move your contacts from one phone to the other via Bluetooth. In fact, Bluetooth is one of the best ways to move data from one phone to another. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the steps for transferring may slightly vary depending on the device you have and the operating system it runs on. 

If you need support when transferring your contact from one phone to the other, we will be happy to help, just drop us a line in the comment section. 

All the best!

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