Kick Your Phone Contract with These Tips

Once in a while you may feel like upgrading to the latest version of your phone’s brand. Or you’re simply tired of the gadget you have used over the years and you just feel like getting a new one. However, this can be a tall order if you are tied down to a phone contract.

There are very many reasons as to why you’d wish to get out of a contract with your service provider. Maybe you just don’t like them, maybe you’d like to switch to another carrier or you simply want to upgrade your device earlier. For instance, on Rogers wireless, upgrading to iPhone 5S would cost you a whopping $852 on contract while buying it an unlocked iPhone 5S could cost as low as $328

Why the phone contract is not good for you

These phone contracts mean that you pay a premium on your phone bill. And this premium is to be paid on a monthly basis, usually for two years. The figures are just so hilarious. On the other hand, if you don’t get a contract you have many options for phone plans that can reduce your monthly bill by half. So in the long run, the most economic decision you can every make is to avoid the contract.

Let’s not pretend, the mobile phone carriers really don’t care much about you, your wishes or what situation you find yourself in. All they really care about is how to make the most cash out of your contract with them. Ever wondered why most carriers insist on locking your device to their network for two years and make you feel like you’re trapped into some sought of slavery? Well it’s simply because you let it happen.

There are many ways to opt out of the carrier contracts. The most effective of them is selling your hand-held computer. Yes, you can kick out the contract by selling your phone and at GizmoGrind, we give the most for your used phone. If you want to sell us used organization devices, you can be sure of a major payday.

Many people have been duped to believe that when your mobile devices come to the edge of their lives, the best you can do with them is write them off or abandon them in some draw in your house. Did you know that you can make a fortune out of the used devices in your house? Think about it. GizmoGrind gives you a rare opportunity to value this devices and provides you with a market for them. So don’t ever throw away used electronics, gather them and let’s do business.

At this point you must be wondering how you can sell a phone that’s still on contract with a carrier. Here are some tips to help you make the most money out of your used phone whether it’s still on a contract or not.

1.For the start, find out how much you owe the carrier

Referring to your carrier contract would help you determine the worth of your mobile device. However, the ETFs for the smart devices are almost the same across the companies. And the manner in which they start to fall is also relatively uniform. The costs generally start to fall by a given figure over time (as you continue to pay). On some carriers, take AT&T for instance, the costs will fall for every month you pay.
Here are the figures:

  • For every contract fully paid, you will pay $229.9 for every month on Rogers Wireless
  • On Bell, you pay $340 for every month completed

Once you know the value of your contract, you can know exactly how much you can pay to get out of the contract. Act fast, pay it and get your freedom. That way you’ll be free to sell or trade in the device for an unlocked version which is cheaper in the long run.

2. Cancel the Contract Early then Sell The Phone And Save

Over the years, customers have been made to believe that there are only two ways to opt out of the carrier contracts:

  • To keep paying for the contract until it’s up
  • Pay up hundreds of dollars to cancel the contract.

Either way, you’re paying. Fortunately, these are not the only options you’ve got. There are many option, just don’t know of.

Today’s phones are more powerful than the computers that sent man to the moon almost half a century ago. But the sleek and convenient pieces of technology come at a price. To cut the cost of owning these devices, the carrier companies will cut the price of owning one and tie you to a contract which will see you pay more in the long run. So if you think the contract way was cheaper, think again.

The earlier you opt out, the better. Worse, you can’t sell the phone until the contract ends.  If you cancel the contract within two weeks, you stand a chance of kicking out the nagging ETF contract. However, this is a fight the company won’t let you win unscathed. You’ll have to pay a so called ‘’restocking fee’’ which can be at least $46 depending on the condition of your device. This decision will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

3. Buy Used and Unlocked Phone

Not many people in Canada know that they can buy phones unlocked. The carriers have made people believe that the cheapest way to buy phones is via the two year contract, which is more expensive in the long term. All the people need to do is change their mindsets; this mental slavery. Embrace the idea of paying the full cost; it’s actually how the rest of the world buys phones. Give it a try then do your math and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll have saved by avoiding the contract. You can then sell the phone at will any day you feel like. Used unlocked phones will fetch you more money when you re-sell. Used unlocked iPhone 6, 64 GB could cost you as low as $899 but on a two-year contract it would cost double that amount.

4.Lock In Your Smartphone

Here’s a clever trick. Every time a new phone model is about to be released, the price of the previous model will drop drastically. You may have noticed this with the iPhone brands. When iPhone 7 was at the brink of its launch, prices of iPhone 6 fell across the globe, then slowly increased after the launch.

If you like upgrading your device often, or simply keeping an eye on the next big launch, then it’s clever to lock in a trade-in price for your current device beforehand. This way, when the prices fall before the launch of the next version you’ll still trade it in at the price you locked in.

5. Sell your phones don’t let them get obsolete

Some people like upgrading their phones regularly. If you upgrade your phone once or twice a year, remember your used phone is valuable. You paid for it so don’t let it go obsolete. Instead, find out its value and sell it to us. We’ll give you the best offer for your used phone. Alternatively, you can trade it in with us for a better device.
Here are a few points to keep in mind if you’ll be selling your phone.

  • Keep the Phone Clean

If you wanted to buy a device you’d definitely go for the cleanest, for the mere fact that it looks new. Nobody likes shoddy looking device. Some may argue that a phone’s software never wears out but if the hardware looks worn out, it speaks volumes about the phone’s condition, and that condition has a direct impact on its value. Phones that look new earn more premium. Worn out phones or those with cracked screens or damaged casing won’t be worth as much as the like-new condition phones. This can add an additional $150-200 in value just because it doesn’t have scratches.

  • Keep the cables and earphones safe

Keeping your phone’s accessories can greatly improve the value of your phone when you trade it in. Many trade in initiatives will ask for the power cables and other peripheral accessories like the phone cover, the earphones and the screen-guards. So if you like switching phones, keeping these accessories safe will a go a long way in improving the phone’s value.

6. The Network Matters

The phone’s network matters. Same phones on different networks will fetch different amounts if you’re trying to sell them to evade the contracts. Generally, phones on Rogers wireless are worth more than the other networks. So if you’re looking to kick out the contract by selling your phone, we would recommend Rogers wireless.

In a nutshell, buying unblocked phones in Canada can be very difficult. Unless you sign the infamous two year contract, owning your dream phone could make you bankrupt. The reality is more severe on the lovers of iPhone. For android phones, you can buy the unlock codes on eBay without breaking a sweat. It is at this juncture that buying used and unblocked iPhones can be a fair option if you can access them. That’s why gizmogrind is the best option to escaping phone contracts; you can sell us the used phone to escape the contracts. We will buy your used phones and pay you regardless of its condition. The service is easy to use and the payment is prompt. We give you the getaway from the bondages of phone contracts to freedom.

So there you have it! I hope the insight will help you make your escape from phone contracts and help you move on to realms of phone freedom. Feel free to contact us and don’t hesitate to ask any itching questions.

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